How Does It Work?

There are two versions of The Diversity Toolkit:

‘The Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit’ is for anybody who is interested in learning and practicing how to thrive in an increasingly diverse workforce.

‘The Diversity Manager's Toolkit’ is specifically for managers and leaders who are trying to leverage the benefits that diversity brings to the workforce.

When perusing either guide, the reader identifies an area in which he or she -- or his or her institution -- needs support or development. That topic area will point to specific Tools that fit with each scenario. These Tools may include exercises, surveys, questions, or resource materials.

You will recognize many of the tools and articles as making basic management “sense.” Although not a strict management tool per se, we have attempted to present diversity tools as well as standard management practices with the intention of applying them in a diverse environment.

Note: The many Tools in this Toolkit are not meant to be a prescription for all cultures, diversity programs, or managers. Given the tremendous diversity of the workforce and rapid changes within it, some readers will find some tools more useful than others.

This Toolkit is also not meant to release any existing policies and procedures your organization has. Its contents consist only of techniques you can use to work with yourself, your team, and your organization. It is also designed to troubleshoot management issues that aren't necessarily included in policies and procedures.

Because many issues dealing with human behavior are diversity issues, there are any number of options you could consider for a specific case. Not all of those options may be present in this Toolkit. An individual approach should always be considered, and this Toolkit presents a coherent starting point.

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